211 Launches New Website

211 and UWWC

211 has launched their new website! 

Vermont 211 provides all people in Vermont with free access to community resources information and referral (I&R). This access includes personal assistance by telephone by dialing 211, by text, and through an online, searchable database of services. In its first year of operation, 4,974 people in Vermont called Vermont 211. In 2021, 211 received 47,111 contacts and made 25,173 referrals. There also were 30,113 searches on our online Community Resource Directory during 2021. As Vermont 211 is an integral partner in disaster response and recovery, 211’s contact volume surges during emergencies. In 2011 (Tropical Storm Irene) and again in 2020 (Pandemic), over 50,000 contacts were responded to, doubling in volume from month to month. 

The mission of Vermont 211 is to promote the health and well-being of all people in Vermont through a statewide information and referral system for streamlined access to community resources. 

Vermont 211 is funded by individual United Way agencies throughout Vermont, the Vermont Agency of Human Services, Federal and State funds, and grants from local foundations.