Our Work

Prosperity in Windham County is...


Our Focus Areas & Goals
Basic Needs:
  • All people have access to an adequate supply of nutritious food.
  • All people have access to shelter.
  • All people who want to work have the skills and resources they need to seek, gain and maintain employment.
  • All people have safe, sustainable housing over the lifetime.
  • All people have the transportation they need to get to work and to meet their basic needs.


Our Strategy

  • Continuum of Care of Southern Windham County
    A coalition established to fight to end homelessness in our communities. 
  • Hunger Council of the Windham Region
    Focuses on discussing and strategizing ideas to supply all individuals with an adequate amount of nutritious food. 
  • MyFreeTaxes.com
    Free, online self-service tax filing tool funded by H&R block for individuals and households earning under $66,000. 
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
    Free, in-person tax filing assistance with an IRS-Certified tax preparer for individuals and households earning under $55,000. 

How You Can Help

  1. Join the HOPE Team as a volunteer! 
  2. Volunteer for the VITA Program.
  3. Attend a prosperity-related community meeting held in Windham County.