About Us

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: United Way of Windham County strives to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of community. United Way of Windham County is proudly part of the United Way family. United Way Worldwide serves as a parent organization that sets standards, provides training and technical support, and conducts research. United Way of Windham County works to achieve its own strategic initiatives, governed and directed by a local and autonomous Board of Directors. Learn more about our impact!

Vision: We improve lives and builds stronger communities by focusing on Healthy Community, Opportunity, Prosperity, and Education—HOPE. We unite individuals, businesses, and organizations to create long-lasting, measurable change.

Values: Hope, diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation, and adaptability. These core values shape the organization’s approach to its work and align with its commitment to the community. We strive to represent the community as a whole, connect resources to the greatest need, empower grassroots efforts, and hold a big picture, forward-thinking vision to guide its work.

What We Do

As part of this planning process, United Way of Windham County explored its current and future role in the community, with the goal of articulating and communicating its approach to partners, donors, and other stakeholders.

In the coming five years, guided by Community Impact principles, United Way of Windham County will act as a:

  • Community Convener: Bringing together and mobilizing cross-sector organizations for conversation and action in response to community needs.
  • Fiscal Partner: Fiscal partner to Windham County’s mission-driven organizations as funder of programs and initiatives, fund holder of specific purpose funds, fiscal agent for new community initiatives and organizations, and lead applicant or convener for complex or collaborative funding applications.
  • Resource Hub: Resource hub connecting the community to information and resources to help maintain and improve health and well-being.
  • Advocate: Advocate in order raise awareness of issues and engage stakeholders in efforts related to publicity, resources, policy, and action.
  • Lead, Facilitate, Organize: Leader in response to crisis in the community, by facilitating immediate crisis response, organizing volunteers, and developing resources to promote long-term recovery.
  • Provider: Provider of community programs that respond to a community-identified need and directly serve members of the Windham County community.


You Make the Difference!

This work is made possible through our local community. Supporters are people like yourself, your neighbors, your coworkers, and employees at nearby businesses. This type of giving is locally based and locally utilized. The money raised stays in Windham County and is used to leverage resources that make the most impact. Over 99% of the funds raised remain within Windham County, which means that your contribution benefits neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family.

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