Virtual Event Planning

We know that for some companies, the most important part of the United Way campaign is the goal amount. But did you know that for donors, the most important part is the experience (Yes, virtual counts). Studies found that 56% of donors are more likely to give after attending an event, in-person or virtual. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s plan some virtual events that will get your employees excited and help you reach your campaign goal!

We recognize that as you begin to plan for your 2022 United Way campaign, circumstances have changed and there is an increased need for planning more virtual activities. We gathered some ideas to help you as you brainstorm with your team to keep this year’s campaign just as good as the rest.

Types of Virtual Events

You can still hold an engaging and inspiring (virtual) kickoff to motivate employees to support your campaign.
  • Share a pre-recorded video from your CEO or another leadership member or have them talk live. Pro tip: Have them share why the campaign matters to the company and why your company’s support is more important than ever this year.
  • Watch the United Way campaign video at a staff meeting.
  • Share the United Way campaign video by email or intranet.
  • Request a safety net agency speaker here.
  • Share upcoming events, raffles, incentives and more.
  • Host online auctions and raffles, virtual classes or lunch ‘n’ learns, special events can be considered the “life of the party.”

Find Your Software

Luckily, there are many different options of software to use to run a successful virtual event! We’ve done the work for you and picked our favorites: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and Eventbrite Registration.

Make it Easy to Give

When hosting a virtual event, you’ll need a way to collect special event dollars and United Way of Windham County can help with that! A great way to boost your virtual event and work toward your campaign goal is to encourage employees to donate during the event. If you’re looking for a solution, contact your Campaign Coordinator. Don’t know who that is? Contact your Campaign Representative here.

Keep Everyone Engaged

Whether you’re together or apart, there are so many ways to keep your employees communicating and on the same page. Research shows that 82% of employees want chances to connect with peers. So amp up those emails (maybe have a fun meme) and post on social media to get everyone engaged in the virtual events.

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