Workplace Campaign

Employee campaigns are the heart of the United Way fundraising system. It is only through the mobilization of hundreds of modest employee gifts, contributed over the course of the year through payroll deduction, that United Way of Windham County is able to raise the majority of dollars that it does to support the needed services of the local community.
Each year, starting in early fall, we run our official community fundraising campaign. Many businesses in Windham County conduct a workplace campaign to benefit United Way of Windham County and/or contribute to United Way in some way.
Giving through your workplace is one of the easiest and best ways to support the United Way of Windham County. Often employees elect to donate through payroll deduction, giving a little bit each pay period. These donations, when pooled together, are invested to create HOPE across Windham County. 

Why a United Way Workplace Campaign?

  • Your support stays local! Contributions support locally based solutions in our community. 
  • Each campaign is customized to align with your organization’s mission and values.
  • Customer loyalty increases in businesses that demonstrate commitment to social responsibility and the local community.
  • Energize employees by uniting towards one goal. Campaigns boost morale and increase teamwork, while connecting employees to our community.
  • Increases knowledge about local services, programs and volunteer opportunities in the area.
  • A United Way workplace campaign is simple, convenient and efficient. 
Want to learn more about workplace campaigns? Contact your United Way of Windham County Campaign Representative.

United Way's Community Impact

Every day, United Way of Windham County answers the call to help our community by leading with impact. Through a powerful mix of community generosity, understanding needs, and making strategic investments into programs and services that meet basic needs and achieve outcomes, we are creating a stronger, healthier, and more equitable place to work and live in.

Although COVID-19 brought new challenges for many, these challenges were further exacerbated for others. With United Way’s strong funded partner system, we help fuel services and programs that assist people facing poverty, hardship, or adversity in accessing needed resources to survive and thrive.
United Way of Windham County supports a broad range of non-profit agencies; your co-workers, your company’s and your United Way gift helps give local families the tools and resources they need to stay healthy, access education, have their basic needs met and become financially stable.
Through united effort and strategic partnerships, coupled with our investment in a network of high-performing social programs, we know that we can achieve results that no one entity could achieve alone. Learn more about the local nonprofits we fund; see our list of FY20 funded partner agencies.

United Way of Windham County's COVID-19 Response

Instead of downed power lines and washed away roads and bridges, Windham County has faced massie unemployment and increased demand for basic needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare. More than people-power, Windham County needed financial relief for displaced workers, food insecure households, and business owners forced to close shops. Luckily for all of Windham County, our community steps up!

The United Way of Windham County has distributed more than $63,000 to local Non-Profits and Businesses! We have supported food shelves in Bellows Falls, Wilmington, Putney and others. We have granted much needed funds to Arts and Cultural organizations, so they can continue to make Windham County a more beautiful and equitable place to live and enjoy. The United Way of Windham County's COVID-19 Response Fund secured grants for downtown businesses in need of rental assistance, CARES organizations, Youth programs....this list goes on!

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