Workplace Campaign

Employee campaigns are the heart of the United Way fundraising system. It is only through the mobilization of hundreds of modest employee gifts, contributed over the course of the year through payroll deduction, that United Way is able to raise the majority of dollars that it does to support the needed services of the local community.
Each year, starting in early fall, we run our official community fundraising campaign. Many businesses in Windham County conduct a workplace campaign to benefit United Way of Windham County and/or contribute to United Way in some way.
Giving through your workplace is one of the easiest and best ways to support the United Way of Windham County. Often employees elect to donate through payroll deduction, giving a little bit each pay period. These donations, when pooled together, are invested to create HOPE across Windham County. 

Why a United Way workplace campaign?

  • Your support stays local! Contributions support locally based solutions in our community. 
  • Each campaign is customized to align with your organization’s mission and values.
  • Customer loyalty increases in businesses that demonstrate commitment to social responsibility and the local community.
  • Energize employees by uniting towards one goal. Campaigns boost morale and increase teamwork, while connecting employees to our community.
  • Increases knowledge about local services, programs and volunteer opportunities in the area.
  • A United Way workplace campaign is simple, convenient and efficient. 
Want to learn more about workplace campaigns? Contact United Way of Windham County at 802-257-4011.

Are you a federal or state employee?

The Combined Federal Campaign number to donate to United Way of Windham County is 68770 and for VT-Shares the code is 13-200.