Promoting healthy lifestyles for all individuals.

Our Focus Areas & Goals

Healthcare:Windham County Dental Center

  • All people receive preventative and lifelong dental health care.

  • All people have access to mental health and substance abuse services.

Safe, Supportive Living Environments:

  • All people live in an environment that promotes healthy growth and development.

  • All people live in a violence-free environment.

  • Elders and people with special needs have the support to live safely in the setting of their choice.


 Our Partners

FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card

Provides discounts on prescription drugs at nearly all pharmacies in the U.S. by presenting the discount card to pharmacist. Available to nearly everyone nationwide, whether they have insurance or not.

Funding at-home support & services

The Community Impact Committee reviews Support & Service programs and either grants or does not grant funding based on availability of funds and relevancy to United Way's mission.


   How You Can Help!