About Us

Our Mission!

Since 1958, United Way of Windham County has improved lives and built stronger communities by focusing on Health, Opportunity, Prosperity, and Education - HOPE. We unite individuals, businesses, and organizations to create long-lasting, measurable change. 

What do we do?

United Way of Windham County engages in HOPE through developing internal programs, supporting external programs, and working as a social connector.

The focus areas for United Way of Windham County are referenced as HOPE – Health, Opportunity, Prosperity, Education. This framework provides goals to work towards and indicators to track progress. 

  • HEALTH - Improving people's health and well being.
  • OPPORTUNITY - Building skills and capacity among people and organizations to connect and engage.  
  • PROSPERITY - Promoting financial stability and independence. 
  • EDUCATION - Helping adults, children and youth to achieve their potential.

United Way of Windham County strives to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of the community.

HOPE comes to life through the caring power of our community. Over 99% of the funds raised remain within Windham County, which means that your contribution benefits neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family. It is truly Windham County's United Way. 

You can make the difference!

This work is made possible through our local community. Supporters are people like yourself, your neighbors, your coworkers, and employees at nearby businesses. This type of giving is locally based and locally utilized. The money raised stays in Windham County and is used to leverage resources that make the most impact.