Funding Opportunities

Community Impact Grants

One year program grants that align with UWWC's target outcomes in Health, Prosperity, and Education will be awarded. Applications only for operating expenses will not be considered and UWWC will not partially fund proposals. We ask that all applicants give very careful consideration to the amount of funding that you request.  All applications should show a clear need for United Way funds, how the ask amount was derived and a plan for program sustainability. All other funding sources should be considered and included. Given that United Way dollars are limited and requests are many, all potential funding options for your program should be incorporated into the funding mix of any proposal.
The application process and reporting will be done online – specifications and instructions for the application will be provided and posted to our website. UWWC offers a Grant Seeker Forum, which is required for any organization not currently funded that wishes to apply for FY20 funding (deadline March 14, 2019). The goal of the training is to review our community impact priorities, how to access and complete the online grant application and to explain the volunteer community investment model. 

Fund for Quality Early Education

Established in 2008 and administered by Winston Prouty Center for Child & Family Development (formerly Windham Child Care Association). Early educators seeking funding for professional development, program enrichment, or program improvement should apply to the Fund and are not eligible for community grants. Applications to the Fund for Quality Early Education are accepted by Winston Prouty Center for Child & Family Development on a rolling basis, reviewed by a committee, and accepted until funds are exhausted. Awards average $500-$1,000 each. If you are an early educator interested in applying, visit Winston Prouty's website to find out more or contact Margaret Atkinson, Winston Prouty Director of Development & Community Relations at (802) 257-7852 x307 or

Spark Fund

Funds are allocated each fiscal year at the discretion of the Board of Directors to the UWWC Spark Fund for critical collaborations, initiatives and programs. Requests must align with UWWC's strategic goals and outcomes and must advance our Community Impact efforts. Emphasis for funding is on collaboration and innovation. Spark Fund resources are not for emergency or "bail out" funding. Availability of funds is not guaranteed on an annual basis - the annual Community Impact Grant process remains the primary vehicle for program funding. Spark Fund requests must be made in writing to the Director of Community Investments and are subject to review by senior staff and the Community Investment Committee. Funding decisions will be made in a timely manner, not to exceed sixty (60) days from receipt of request. As of July 1, 2018, the maximum request for a Spark Fund grant is $2,500.

VtSHARES Campaign

VtSHARES is a workplace giving campaign which offers Employees with the State of Vermont the opportunity to designate payroll deduction donations to specific non-profit charity organizations here in Vermont. United Way of Windham County acts as the umbrella organization for nonprofit organizations headquartered in and serving Vermonters within Windham County. Since its inception, the VtSHARES Campaign has raised over $9,000,000 to support nonprofit organizations in Vermont.


Other UWWC Resources

Funding is not the only UWWC resource! We are seeking to invest our varied resources (volunteer time, convening power, issue expertise, etc.) as wisely as possible to achieve maximum county-wide impact. Whether or not we can provide funding, your organization is a key resource in achieving our Community Impact goals – we look forward to building a positive relationship!  Please contact Ruben Garza at (802) 257-4011 x118 or ruben[at] for more information or with any questions.