United @ Work

Sustaining and growing a healthy business requires a stable and productive workforce. Employers with economically and socially diverse workforces can often experience challenges in supporting their workers. Lost time and staff turnover due to non-work related issues experienced by employees directly affects productivity, work quality and hence, the bottom line.  
The United @ Work program is an employee collaborative that develops and shares effective initiatives and policies to help improve productivity, satisfaction, retention and advancement of their workforce. The goal of United @ Work is to assist businesses in stabilizing their workforce, thus strengthening their bottom line.
Core components of the program include: 

There are four core components of United @ Work. An employer can engage with any of the four components -- they are not mutually exclusive. If you have questions, please reach out to United Way of Windham County at 802-257-4011.

1. Employer Workgroup 

Join us at our bimonthly meetings, where employers share information and develop creative solutions to common employee productivity and retention challenges. The Employer Workgroup provides a space for Windham County business owners and managers to share their experiences and learn from each other.
In past meetings we have explored:
  • Employee benefits & Wellness programs
  • Job readiness
  • Financial literacy/support
  • Wages
  • Employee advancement and support
  • Community Infrastructure 

Visit our calendar for details on the next employer workgroup meeting! 

2. Resource Coordination

This fee-for-service, on-site support for employees helps to address non-work challenges that may affect employees' work-life.
What does a Resource Coordinator bring to your organization?
  • Convenient, workplace-based assistance to employees and their immediate family members around non-work related issues
  • Provides basic resource counseling and make referrals to other departments and agencies for  needed services
  • Acts as part of the HR-EAP continuum and provides value added services that are not already provided
  • Provides communications to both employers and employees through multiple channels about the variety and accessibility of local resources.

3. Workforce Training

Topics include developing tools to promote employee skills and confidence, supporting employee advancement, generational poverty’s effect on successful employment, and developing effective workplace policies.

4. Financial Wellness @ the Workplace

Programs that support the financial wellness of employees include:
Interested in learning more about proven strategies to improve attendance, retention and advancement of your employees?
Contact United Way of Windham County at 802-257-4011 x116 or info[at]unitedwaywindham.org. 
Additional Resources for Employers
Worksite Wellness Resources:
-Work Together for Business (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
-Mindfulness at Work (10% Happier)
Knowledge BitesSouthern Vermont Economy Project at BDCC webinar series focused on providing introductory information about economic and community development tools, programs, and funding opportunities.